analyst of social networks security, cybers attacks, psychology and practical implementations of “digforevidence” - digital foresics evidence, and new gamification methods of learning to security awareness, building a culture of security, or managing insider threats.

co-founder and Lecturer of the non-profit research organization Lithuanian Digital Legion (LDL).

developer of training module “Forensics investigation in a Virtual Environment ad hidden crime information detection" for Lithuanian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence Training, Reaseach and Education (L3CE).

researcher of Eco Wheel Power – is a electric-powered version of our handcycle. Get the functionality of a scooter, only faster, without transferring from your manual wheelchair.

researcher of Eco Wheel Rickshaw - “Younger Brother” of Eco Wheel Power for healty leisure. 

founder Social project DisabledEnabled - a uniquetype of people with disabilities and their associated society social network, designed to help the disabled to avoid the troubles encountered in the journey due to available disabilities and to help draw attention of institutions which are responsible for social integration.


stocking and forex cotrading psychology and practical implementations of “CoTrading” methods.


co-founder of “Food Coloring” practical implementations methods.

founder the Project “The Family Places” - most inportant thing is all over the place and care for all family members.

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